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Captain Pollution is the polar opposite of Captain Planet and a supervillain in Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Powers and abilities

Captain Pollution, being the opposite of Captain Planet, has powers that are opposite to his powers too.

  • Flight: like Captain Planet, Captain Pollution can fly in mid-air.
  • Pollution embodiment: just Captain Planet is the powers of Earth magnified, Captain Pollution is pollution magnified.
    • Pollution absorption: similar to how pollution adds up, Pollution can grow in size by absorbing any pollutant, making him bigger than Planet.
    • Pollution manipulation: Pollution can also harness the powers of the Rings of Destruction.
      • Radiation: he can generate rays of radiation, similar to Duke Nukem.
      • Deforestation: though unseen, it can be said that he can get rid of a whole forest of trees.
      • Smog: he can generate smog, as opposed to wind and air.
      • Toxics: he can make toxic chemicals show up and gain power from them, being able to turn into toxic waste as well.
      • Hate: he hates Earth, and can possibly make other people hate it too.


Mission to Save Earth

He first appears when he is summoned by five eco-villains. Then he is sent to destroy the Planeteers.