Captain Edmund Blackadder is the main character of Blackadder Goes Forth, the fourth and final season of Blackadder (1983-1989).

Descended from Prince Edmund Plantagenet, Duke of Edinburgh; Lord Edmund Blackadder; and Edmund Blackadder, Esq. his ancestry can be traced throughout British history from the Elizabethan to the Victorian eras.

Stationed in the trenches of war-torn Flanders during World War I; Blackadder is accompanied by dimwitted Lieutenant George Colthurst St. Barleigh and Private S. Baldrick in his pursuits to escape inevitable death on the battlefield. He is under the command of General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett and his subordinate Captain Kevin Darling, who Blackadder frequently butts heads with throughout the series.


Blackadder enlisted into the British military in 1886 where he was sorted into the 19th/45th East African Rifles during the Scramble for Africa. He was titled as the 'Hero of Mboto Gorge' in 1890 when he fought ten thousand Watutsi warriors, who were insufficiently armed with nothing but fruit. During this time he saved Douglas Haig from a pygmy woman with a sharpened mango. Prior to start of the Great War, Blackadder transferred to the local regiment of Cambridge.


Blackadder makes several futile attempts to avoid death on the battlefield throughout the series. He tries to pass as an artist so he may leave to Paris, he attempts to remain in German prison so he may be forced to teach home economics to German nuns, and in last-ditch desperation tries to pass off as an invalid so he'll be sent back to London.

However, he ultimately fails to avoid the inevitable and is forced over the trench by the mad General Melchett. The last moments we see of him he, Lieutenant George, Private Baldrick, and Captain Darling all jump over the trench and charge into the battlefield; he presumably died alongside his comrades.


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