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During the film production, the character was inspiration from the director Juanita Wilson, who painted a female paint hat with a female pirate hat and wear pirate clothe, and image of Captain Celaeno as a captain, showing good irish song.


She is shown to be cruel, sadistic and irish leader, with no any of emotion, but showing savage when she shoots and kills her women whenever she doesn't do what she wants.

Physical appearance

She is a Blue Russian Cat, wears a eyepatch and a female pirate hat with long red hair and other features with grey fur that covers most of her body, and green eyes and a long cat tail (similar to that of Bluestar) with a little bit of dark grey.



Captain Carrie was once a animal when the world run out of all forms of town, mammals startled find a new island by find a new town with their foods and drinks. Soon after the island's leaders announcing two legends to generate and control the new town, including folklore an Irish beer in each anizen's food to eat the irish soda bread, providing of defecates to anizens in return with one irish food. Until soon later, irish pirates have irish irish wheel cart, island becomes full of pirate due to irish soda bread tastes good. An illegal trade of irish soda bread becomes a pirate food and its side effects has created pirates, all the Pirate Crew were one of the mammals that turn into. a pirate soon later organized a crew to eat irish soda bread, later known as the Pirate Crew.

Everyday after, they were fleshed out, abandoned and banished from the city where now living inside of a ship in the seas, becoming the forgotten they say rrrrrrr.

Aachi & Ssipak

"Ahoy! Me Maties"

  • Captain Carrie in her speech to the Pirates

Nathaniel And Dylan

Captain Carrie first appeared at the big seas on a irish ride, successfully victory on having irish soda bread and killing every mammals before suddenly turn into a bloody rage, and she was (except the last one wounded) were killed by Felix.

Animals killed

  • At least all The Pirate Crew
  • [1][2]Lila
  • Dandelion
  • Police Officers


  • Lily The Maid
  • Felicity The Maid
  • Kitten The Maid

Failed attempts


  • Captain Carrie based off of a movie version of her style Captain Celaeno as a captain, with a female pirate hat and wear pirate clothes by director Juanita Wilson.