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Cap'n Turbot (full name Cap'n Horatio Turbot) is a human character in the Nickelodeon/TVOKids television series PAW Patrol.


Cap'n Turbot is very goofy. He is similar to Marshall in terms of being clumsy, silly, and funny. He knows plenty in regard to bodies of water, such as the Bay and its channels. Cap'n Turbot is also very quick to panic in problematic situations. He has a French cousin named Francois. Cap'n Turbot owns the lighthouse at Seal Island and has a responsibility to keep the light functional, though in "Pups in a Fog," the PAW Patrol had to assist him when it had burnt out and he had been unable to replace it. Cap'n Turbot is not particularly bright and can be a bit childish at times. Despite his silliness, he knows a lot about marine biology. He also tends to speak alliteratively. For example, in the following quote of his, "Is it potentially possible within your PAW Patrol powers [...]".


  • Cap'n Turbot's full name (Cap'n Horatio Turbot) is a reference to the full name of cereal mascot Cap'n Crunch (Cap'n Horatio Crunch).
  • Cap'n Turbot claims that his first name, Horatio, is a "noble naval name," which leads viewers to believe that he was in the navy (or wants to serve).



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