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Byuu and Salamander

Byuu is the main protagonist in Bahamut Lagoon.


Captain of the Kahna War Dragon Corps, and a childhood friend and friend of Princess Yoyo. He became a central figure in the rebellion, leading the Salvation Army to the liberation of each country from the Granbelos Empire and later through the crisis in Orelus. He has the talent to be liked by Dragons, and is generally responsible for the care of Dragons as a War Dragon Corps Captain. Matelite, who is well-known and trusted by allies, is also trusted by Byuu, who fully trusts him in the planning and preparation of Byuu's strategy for the commanding of battles. From Sendak, he has been appointed as the captain's deputy and is in charge of ship operations, and also handles chores. Only Byuu is allowed to enter the womens room and is considered a rival by Donfan because he is close to the women. After the end of the war, he became the defender of the Sky of Orelus with the Dragon God Bahamut.