Buzz-Saw Louie is a living toy who lives DinkleTown.


Louie originated from the Buzz-Saw Louie toyline created by Mr. Nezzer. It's unknown how he came to life, possibly he was wired different. He didn't like the words programed in his own head. He ran away from the toy factory, only to fall down and get stuck in the snow. He is later mentioned in Elliot's "Afraid Of" List.

Role in the episode

When he finds himself on the self with the other replicas, he sings "Grumpy Kids", thinking that "there must be more to Christmas", but he didn't know. So he leaves the factory but rolls into a ball of snow. He is eventually found after Bob, Larry and Junior go sledding. He meets them and tells them about him being on an adventure until his accident. Then they all go to Grandpa George, and he tells them about the true meaning of Christmas by reading from the Bible about Christ Jesus being born. Then he tells them that "Christmas isn't about getting, it's about giving", and Louie, along with his friends, was happy knowing this. Then he and his friends return to the center of DinkleTown to find that the situation got worse.

He ends up reluctantly going back to the factory where he was made. Then they all make their way up to where they found Mr. Nezzer's television studio. When they did, they decided to use it to broadcast themselves to everyone around the world. While they were on the air, Junior tells how there is more to Christmas and redirects to Louie, who tells them all about how Christmas is about giving.


  • The Toy That Saved Christmas
  • Madame Blueberry (picture cameo)
  • Elliot's "Afraid Of" List (mentioned)

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