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Character information
Species Columbian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi)
Gender Male
Other names Dad (by Allias)
Personality Tough, strong, wise, soft, caring, kind, loving, playful, jolly, protective
Appearance Muscular Grey columbian mammoth with black hair

Bulldusto is a Columbian mammoth and Allias's father. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Early Life

Allias had a family when he was young, His mom was caring, his dad was the chief, His father Bulldusto has a soft spot for Allias. Sabre tooth tigers showed up and killed the herd, Allias' mom was killed by 3 sabre tooth tigers named Frankie,Donovan and Arnel. His dad protected the mammoths but a buff sabre toothed tiger named Aston fighted Allias' dad. Allias ran away which made him the last mammoth on earth. The Sabre Tooth Tigers took over the mammoth territory.

Reunited with his son[]

―Bulldusto to Allias after he founded him.[src]