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Feature films Valiant
Television programs
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Ricky Gervais
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Dirty bird, Stinky
Origin story
Personality Gassy, unpleasant, repulsive, fearless, dependable, sweet, honest, smelly, disgusting, grotesque, honest, friendly, caring, kind, cowardly
Appearance Overweight, Filthy blue and gray pigeon, three flies circling his head
Occupation Royal Homing Pigeon Service
Goal To join the pigeon service
Home London
Allies Valiant, Toughwood and Tailfeather, Lofty, Victoria, Gutsy
Minions Flies
Enemies Von Talon
Likes Dirt, flies, his own stink, eating, belching on cue
Dislikes Bird baths (they cause him irritation), crows
Powers and abilities Flight
Weapons His rancid stench
Fate Joins the pigeon service and is awarded a medal for his heroic deeds.
Quote "I have rare feather condition."
"I can't go near a bird bath."
"I look at a bath and it makes me itch."

Bugsy is the deuteragonist in Valiant. He is voiced by Ricky Gervais.

Role in the film

Bugsy is a dirty and smelly pigeon who says he has a rare feather condition. He is Valiant's best friend. In the beginning of the film, he was a con artist tricking two crows giving them their crumbs, that made them very angry and were going to hurt Bugsy, but Valiant literally dropped in on the crows, and Bugsy joined the Royal Homing Pigeons to save his tail feathers. After the harsh treatment he and the other pigeons receive from the military pigeon, Bugsy considered leaving. He then had a change of heart and helped deliver the message back to base before Von Talon got his fellow pigeons.

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