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Bubble Puppy is a playful, boisterous little puppy with a fish tail. Though he is loyal to Gil, Bubble Puppy loves to play with all of the Guppies, especially if he gets to pop a bubble. His favorite treat is Bubble Bites, he especially likes it when Gil throws one in the air so he can perform a trick and catch it in his mouth.


{{{2}}} Bubble Puppy has appeared in every episode of Bubble Guppies. He has played an important role in:

  • Bubble Puppy!: Got adopted by Gil.
  • Build Me a Building!: Got a doghouse built by Goby.
  • Can You Dig It?: Played with his squeaky bone and buried it but Nonny thought it was a real dinosaur bone.
  • Bubble Bites!: Had some Bubble Bites bought from Gil.
  • Haunted House Party!: Pretended to be a ghost to scare GilGoby and the other guppies.
  • Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure!: Got turned into a frog by a Witch. Then, he got rescued by Molly and Gil and also got helped by Nonny, the Witch's helper.
  • Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!: Got stuck in a tree with Gil and made friends with a firefighter dog named Dottie.
  • Puppy Love!: Got sick and had to go to the animal hospital.
  • The Puppy And The Ring!: Had the ring of the Sun King around his neck.
  • Puddleball!: Is scared of rain and thunder.
  • The New Doghouse!: His doghouse was destoyed by a runaway shopping cart.
  • Temple of the Lost Puppy!: Picked up the bone of Macchu Pechhu which teleported him to the temple of the lost puppy.
  • Sheep Doggy!: Bubble Puppy wants to be a sheep dog. He helps Scout and Wooly find their way back to the farm.