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Abyo's father, Bruce, is the police chief of Sooga Village. He finishes his sentences with the word "over" as if speaking into a walkie-talkie. He takes the law very seriously, and sometimes his habits while on duty overlap into his everyday life. His best friend is Chang, Ching's father. Just as Abyo is an homage to Bruce Lee, Bruce's name could be referencing the Martial Arts master as well. In the English version, he is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


He is the police chief of the village and is always in uniform. He has dark glasses and the letter "P" on his hat and top left corner of his blue police uniform. Like Pucca, his eyes appear closed.


  • It is said that his name "Bruce" may come from the Martial Art master "Bruce Lee" as his son is base on him. * He didn't say "Over" in only one sentence in the whole series.


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