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The Bronze Bull was a torture device attributed to the ancient Greek tyrants (rulers who had taken control largely by force) - it also served as an execution device as, unlike many torture devices, the victim was not expected to survive the ordeal.A testiment to man's inhumanity to man and a sadistic monstrosity the Bronze Bull is arguably one of history's most terrifying tools of torture and was designed by especially decadent and cruel rulers - it was uncertain how often the device was used but undoubtedly its mere existence would of fascinated and repulsed in equal measure.The Bronze Bull was designed as a hollow bull made out of bronze and large enough to fit a victim inside it via a trap door on its underbelly, once forced inside the device the door was sealed shut and the victim breathed through a series of tubes inside.The Bronze Bull was then placed over a fire, heating the metal and literally cooking the victim alive - as the victim died their screams would be altered by the tubes into what is described as an almost musical melody (both ingenious and nightmarish).The Bronze Bull did not survive long as an instrument of torture, indeed even when it was first used people knew it was a savage practice reserved only for tyrants and madmen: however the Romans didn't seem to mind using the device against several Christian martyrs.The first Bronze Bull was said to have been created by Perillos to please the tyrant Phalaris - who promptly had the device tested on its creator.

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