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Bridget is the tritagonist in Disney Junior's "Vampirina". She's one of Vampirina's friends in Pennsylvania. She is the second human to learn about Vampirina's true nature, after Poppy.


Similar to Edna Peepleson, Bridget can be somewhat cowardly because she gets easily scared from monsters she never seen. She is also smart, funny, kind, friendly, but also shy as she gets scared from getting in front of people. She is very sensitive to loud noises and bright, flashing lights, things that the Scare B&B is full of. She’s creative, but her imagination can also get the better of her. Her family came from Ireland.


Bridget is a very tall girl, apparently 10 years old, and has wavy orange hair which she wears in a curly ponytail. She has fair skin and her eyes have blue irises.


She wears light pink circular glasses. She usually wears a pink shirt with orange rims and purple sleeves, pink-and-white sneakers and a yellow miniskirt/tutu over blue legwear which resemble jeans (even though tights/leggings are what usually accompanies tutus).