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Brian has an excitement and playfulness usually associated with children. He often doesn't take things as serious as he should and he doesn't like rules. When he really wants something, he doesn't give up until he has it.

Brian on NZT

Brian is always afraid that he's a different person on NZT. He's smarter, that much is true, but he also has a feeling that the drug makes him distant and insensitive. NZT gives him the ability to think everything through and come to a logical conclusion, which might not always be the conclusion sober!Brian would come to. NZT!Brian acts on his thoughts rather than his emotions, whereas sober Brian prefers to act on his emotions. In episode 5, Personality Crisis, Brian on NZT even sends video messeges to his sober self to keep himself from telling Rebecca about her father using NZT, because that would get him either to Super MAX or killed. Eventually, sober!Brian decides not to listen to NZT!Brian anymore and tell Rebecca, arguing that just because NZT!Brian remembers everything, doesn't mean he knows everything.

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