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|image2 = Techno_Geek
|image2 = Techno_Geek
|caption2 = Techno Geek
|caption2 = Techno Geek
|image3 = Puppet greetings free video ecard spoof on girls gone wild
|image3 = Girls_Gone_Wild
|caption3 = Girls Gone Wild parody
|caption3 = Girls Gone Wild parody

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BrendaBubbles Gum


File:Whatnot Brenda Voice.ogg

Brenda is a blue female puppet with yellow eyes. She appeared on some Puppetgreetings sketches with Bob who wants a kiss from her. She also appears in another sketch called Puppets Gone Wild where she lifts up her pink shirt to reveal her breast (which are censored). She is a recycled version of Bubbles Gum from The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth.


Christmas at the Watercooler
Techno Geek
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Girls Gone Wild parody
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