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Brain appears to be a common henchman to Top Cat. Contrary to his name (which appears to have been given in jest or sarcasm), Brain is the dim-witted member of the alley gang. Brain is notorious for being unable to keep a secret and for his stuttering. He also seems to be in charge of the group's money (which they rarely have) and he runs up and down the road. Despite his apparent stupidity, he can sometimes say something brilliant, which TC instantly rephrases to make it sound like he said it. He is voiced by Leo De Lyon and Jason Harris in the English versions and Armando Gutiérrez, Jorge Roig, and Jesús Guzmán in the Latin American Spanish versions.


Brain is a short (a little taller than Benny) and slender orange cat with a peach muzzle, droopy black eyes, a long tail, pointy ears with invisible eardrums, a black nose, and 4 whiskers - 2 on each side. He wears a purple T-shirt with a black line at the bottom.