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Bradley Uppercrust III is the villain of An Extremely Goofy Movie.

Role in the film

Bradley first appears when he is surrounded by his fans. And while he is playing volleyball, he notices Max Goof and his friends skate by and goes after them. Max encounters Bradley for the first time when the former accidentally spilled coffee on him. They introduce themselves to each other and Bradley introduces Tank, who complimented Max's skateboarding talents. Bradley invites Max to be the Gammas first draft pick but was a single opening, meaning Max would have to leave his team mates. When Max refused, Bradley tried to persuade him and gets Tank to back off after he insults Max's friends and makes them "fetch", which eventually results in a bad conflict, until Beret Girl breaks them up and calls Bradley out and has everybody gain up on him with finger snaps which makes Bradley snap. Max personally insults Bradley and says he'd be lucky to be his towel boy, so Bradley and Max make a deal: whoever lost the X-Games would be towel boy to the winner and leaves the coffee shop.


  • (Brittany Miller: I've always knew not to trust you in the first place.) And yet, you trusted both Indigo Zap and Principal Cinch. (Brittany Miller: This time, I'll finish you off once and for all.)
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