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Boyster Likowski is the main character of Boyster.

He is a kind and shy mutant who only wish to live in peace with his friends and family. He was raised by his human parents with his brother, Shelby, a giant talking shell who can fly.


Boyster was born from a toxic spill that mutated an ordinary oyster to his brother, Shelby with him inside. He and Shelby were then adopted and raised by human parents. Even though he may look like an ordinary boy, he has superpowers: stretching like chewing gum, shooting sparks from his arms, controlling water currents, spitting pearls when he eats food. and calcium and night vision.


Boyster wears a red sweater with a stripe and an 8 in the middle, dark blue jeans, red shoes and a red and white cap. He has brown eyes and he only has two hairs as it is very rare for a mollusk to have hairs. He has no skeleton and he has white underpants.


Boyster is very kind, he loves his friends and always tries to help them even if sometimes his trouble gets him more than anything else. He always tries to see the bright side of people he meets and enjoys making new friends. Boyster is afraid that people will find out that he has powers because who would want to be friends with a mollusk ? Despite being hurt or almost killed by people he always forgive them and is kind in almost all situations.