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Boyfriend is the main protagonist of Friday Night Funkin'. He is in a relationship with the Girlfriend though her parents, both (ex)-musicians don't approve of their relationship and challenged the Boyfriend to a rap battle in order to gain their approval.

He also battles with others throughout his journey.


Boyfriend is cheerful and confident in his abilities as a rapper. He has shown to get nervous when he messes up a note, however, and seems to be mildly afraid of lightning, which the same could be said to his girlfriend relatedly.

Boyfriend is also so reckless and overconfident that he's essentially fearless.

What his relationship with the Girlfriend is exactly like is unknown, though it can be safely assumed they both dearly care for each other. This is shown when he catches her after Pico saves her from the Tankmen and he smiles as she hugs him. He then sings the rest of the rap battle against Tankman alongside Girlfriend.

It is also noted that Boyfriend, along with Girlfriend, does not like swearing. As when Tankman curses at the couple, the two are clearly uncomfortable and upset by his profanity.

Boyfriend's main goal in Friday Night Funkin' is to gain the approval of Girlfriend's parents so he can date her. However, he seems to hold some form of hostility towards them, most likely because of Daddy Dearest's attempts to either humiliate or sometimes murder him. As in a sketch, Boyfriend can be seen giving Daddy Dearest the finger. Another example is an unused animation of him angering the latter by hitting him with his microphone.

Despite his somewhat intense relationship with his Girlfriends' parents, Boyfriend seems willing to get along with them when they are nice and show decency to him. This is evidenced after he defeats Mommy Mearest in Week 4, she and her husband start to develop some form of respect towards him, as they invite Boyfriend to hand out candy at their house on Halloween.


Boyfriend is a young man with cyan hair and bares the appearance of a stereotypical rapper, sporting a backwards red hat with a blue bill white t-shirt with a crossed-out symbol, blue jeans and red shoes.


The Boyfriend is in a relationship with the Girlfriend, but their date isn't easy as Daddy Dearest and his allies battled him for his full approval. Later, Daddy Dearest revealed that the Boyfriend has more opponents to fight.

Skid And Pump Rap Fights

During Halloween at Girlfriend's home, Boyfriend battles against Skid and Pump as they they were told by a mysterious stranger to "take her as their treat". The stranger is then revealed to be the Lemon Demon, whom Boyfriend raps against after besting the spooky duo.


While hanging out with Girlfriend, Boyfriend encounters Pico, whom Daddy Dearest hired to kill Boyfriend for humiliating him in Week 1. However, Pico was not told who the target was until he sees Boyfriend. Recognizing him as someone he used to know, he decides challenge him to a rap battle instead.

Mommy Mearest

Mommy Mearest, the Girlfriend's mother, challenges the Boyfriend to a rap battle on top of a limo with four of her henchmen dancing in the background.


Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest sit on Santa's chair and hold him hostage, and challenge Boyfriend once again. After besting them twice, Boyfriend and Girlfriend need to battle The Monster after the latter's mass murder in the mall. However, it has been stated that The Monster has illusion powers, making it questionable if a massacre really took place.

Hating Simulator

Girlfriend decides to show Boyfriend an old dating simulator until they get pushed into the game by Daddy Dearest, and they have to challenge The Senpai, who later revealed to be a spirit trapped in the game by Daddy Dearest himself.


Under unknown circumstances, Boyfriend And Girlfriend end up in a warzone, inhabited by Sergeant John Captain and his men, he contemplates having the couple executed on the spot, but instead decides to challenge them to a rap battle, due to the day being slow. After besting the Sergeant, he begins taunting boyfriend, calling his girlfriend "an ugly teenager who wears her mom's clothes." This leads to the next song, in which Boyfriend wins again. Enraged, Sergeant Captain orders his men to open fire on the duo, causing the girlfriend to begin to unleash her demonic abilities, this is, however, interrupted by Pico, who knocks Girlfriend off of her speakers, into the arms of Boyfriend, Pico then begins shooting at the tankmen, as Captain begins his third song, with Pico shooting a tankman with every beat of the drums in the song.