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Robert Bernard Bowser Junior (also known as Bowser Junior and Junior) is the secondary protagonist from the SuperMarioLogan series and the main antagonist in Baby Mutant Turtles. He is Bowser's son.


Bowser Junior is naughty, whiny, demanding and acts like a spoiled brat.

He likes bothering everyone in the house, including Chef Pee Pee.

He also has a favorite TV show called Doofy the Dragon, similar to Charleyyy and Friends, which is his dad's favorite TV show.

He likes toys, his dad, annoying Chef Pee Pee, hanging out with his friends, holidays, birthdays, Doofy the Dragon, and his dog, Chompy, and dislikes getting bullied, threats, his dad abusing him, Cody (sometimes), Ken, Charleyyy and Friends, Big Hero 6, boring stuff, losing his stuff, losing Chompy, doing his homework, Military School and Cody blackmailing him.

In 2016, he is no longer a spoiled brat.


Even though his name is Bowser Junior, he is called Junior instead of Bowser Junior.

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