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Bowser is the main antagonist Illumination's 13th feature film The Super Mario Bros. Movie, an adaptation of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

Bowser is an extremely sadistic and cruel tyrant. He goes to great measures when it comes to getting what he wants and doesn't hesitate to destroy anyone who stands in his own way.

He is voiced by Jack Black, who also voiced Po from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.


Just like his video game counterpart, Bowser is a large, dragon-like Koopa, which is a race turtle-like beings. He has large lips with sharp teeth, yellow and green scales, lines on his stomach, and sharp claws. His most recognizable features are his spiked shell, red mane, horns and spiked cuffs, which except for the mane have been prominent features of Bowser in all of his appearancs. While his size has varied over the course of the games, Bowserin the movie stands at around twicethe height of Mario.