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Robert "Bowser" Bernard Koopa Senior. (more commonly known as Bowser or Junior's Dad) is one of the main characters as well as the central antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan series. He was Mario's arch enemy before becoming friends with him as of Mario's Family Moves Out! to onwards.


Bowser was born on February 21, 1968. As a child, Bowser had a very strict parent situation as he was raised by his abusive mother Margaret whom locked him in a cage and also never fed him especially her burned cookies which was his favourite. it's also implied that he had a history with heroin abuse. During his childhood, he used to be friends with Mario, but he would later lose love for him because of how Mario got more gifts from Margaret than him.

Little is known about his Bowser's father other than he always abused him, although he said his father played catch with him when he was young, during his teenage years he used to rob gas stations and killed a girl named Lindsey Brown, an employee because they fought over a keychain, during that time, he became a male prostitute.

He was in high school during the 1980s, during that time he meet  Peach, whom he had a crush on. He hinted he was a bit of a troublemaker back in high school, who used to throw rubiks cubes to nerds during the 9th grade, and also was a bit of a creep, who once took pictures of Peach during her senior prom night, causing her parents to call the cops on him. In 1984, he drafted Crack Bear to kill Mario for a raise, because Peach was in love with Mario, and he wanted to marry Peach, but Crack Bear got arrested for eating crack and Bowser would later forget about him.Bowser graduated in 1985, during his graduation day his father gave him a clown car before leaving