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Bot is the deuteragonist and the friendly robot of Team Umizoomi. He is the guardian of Geo and Milli.

Physical Appearance

Bot is a green robot with a blue mouth, orange hands, green arms and legs, green/blue feet, an antenna, and a giant screen on his chest. He sort of resembles Special Agent Oso's spacesuit.


  • Belly-Belly Belly Screen/Super Robot Computer: It allows Bot to view the person in trouble, the things to do, etc.
  • Bot-O-Mat: It can store anything the team may need.
  • Robot Gadgets: Usually everyday items (such as skis, vacuums, etc.) or non-ordinary items (such as lasers). (To learn more, click here).


Bot is the lovable robot of Team Umizoomi. He has a goofy personality, but don't let his silly antics fool you! He's actually a functional robot with the ability to calculate anything! It's no wonder that he's the smartest member of the team.

Personal Life

In The Kitty Rescue, Bot has an ant farm with five ants he named Bob, Joe Bob, Billy Bob, Bobby Bob, and Sparky. He also has experience in tap-dancing revealed in Cuckoo Bears. His favorite food is Number Soup. The verification of the Number Soup is revealed in Stolen Lunches.


Little is known about Bot's past and his eventual involvement in Team Umizoomi. It's also unknown who built him, and how he met Milli and Geo.





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