The Boss' Mate (보스 친구) is one of the supporting antagonists in the South Korean 2006 film Aachi & Ssipak.

He is the mate of the boss and one of the hoodlums in the Shit City, who they own a state prison.



This one is a street hoodlum and a mate, who wore a plum colored shirt, red-black lined pants with heels, white bandana around his neck, has a small stitch besides to his eye, with some lipstick.


Aachi & Ssipak

The mate in the film

A group of hoodlums caught Aachi and Ssipak for cheating juicybars while they were stealing from the man in their turf. Mate saying to himself about how hot the day was to do the crap while watching the hooldums beating them up, with some of them saying let's go but kept going the beating.

Mate looks at the juicybar bag calling them punks, then calls them assholes for swiping a ton of juicybars from Section 4 and blaming they were thinking if they're the big shots. He then tells Ssipak about cheating and there were taxes on what they made by punching him on the stomach. Ssipak then waves at him to get closer as want to ask him something, so the mate does so.

But it is only a finger trick and mate sees the bastard do the balls, which hits Ssipak's hand with the butterfly knife by calling him a little shit, as stopping him for begin a wus ever again. Before leaving, Mate goes to Ssipak with his weapon as telling him something, as if he wanting him to make sushi from his tongue and talks him to bring over 100 juicybars a day, then start to seeing Ssipak's teeth as it has cavaties and then now tells him to be a good boy, slamming him to the floor and kicks him by asking him to grow hair for his baldness.

The mate tells the hoodlums that is it time to leave, however he tells Aachi and Ssipak that Jimmy says hi, and he was the one who get them caught in the first place, which all the hoodlums laugh, with mate telling them bye.


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