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Bob the Tomato is Larry the Cucumber’s assistant and one of the two titular characters in VeggieTales.


Bob is overall a good tomato but often gets annoyed with Larry's antics, especially when the "What Have We Learned" song interrupts him. However, in later episodes, he is shown to care about hearing the song, as shown in Lord of the Beans and Big River Rescue. In The League of Incredible Vegetables, he admits to loving the song. His sudden like for the song is explained in Beauty and the Beet, saying he doesn't mind the song "as long as it doesn't interrupt [him]". In It's A Meaningful Life, after unintentionally hurting Larry's feeling after what happened in past episodes, he apologizes to him after the story ends.

Whenever he is discussing problems kids are having, he acts gently and tells each kid the importance of each lesson. Even when Larry has a problem he is willing to help him too.

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

In the 2014 Netflix reboot, Bob worked as a chemist, and even tried experimenting to get a bottle stuck on his nose.

As a superhero

As Thingamabob, he is described as the "master of gadgetry" and possesses a super toolbelt with gadgets and robotic hands. Among these gadgets is the Thingamaboard, which he used to travel downhill. His super vehicle is a motorcycle with a passenger's sidecar.