Bob Fish

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Bob Fish is the main character and a dentist in Bob and Margaret. He is voiced by Andy Hamilton in the series 1&2 but later he was voiced by Brian George in the series 3&4.



Bob Fish is portrayed as an English dentist working in South London and is the husband of Margaret. His Parents are Daisy and Cesial Fish who often addresses him as Robert. Bob has a brother named Peter a successful world class television chef and sister named Susan who is a recent divorcee and single mum. In the show, his father is deceased and only appears in past flashbacks. His mother Daisy still lives and is very mean spirited to Bob except for his brother Peter. Throughout the series Bob is portrayed as kind and understanding person out of his family, however there are times he unknowingly becomes offensive often targeting Margaret but he eventually realizes it and makes his apologies. He and Margaret have two dogs named William and Elizabeth and the food they are often seen eating is Chinese and sometimes Indian.

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