The Bloodthirsty Monsters are roommate residents in Flappy's Motel in the puppet comedy crime film The Fuzz.


In room 128 in the motel where Rainbow knocked the door at, the green monster peeks through it and unlocks it to let him in and one monster watches a classic cartoon on TV and laughs at it. When Uncle Stiffy prompts if he brought the beans to them, a monster turns off the TV and asks him to see the beans in the suitcase before he can take the other suitcase with cash in it. After they count up to three, they both open their cases and one monster asks him where are the beans. When Rainbow tries to fool them into letting him take the case, they close the cases and take out their guns aiming to shoot him before he pulls one out. On the attempt to snatch the case away from the monsters, they threaten to murder him to protect it. Once Rainbow has figured out a way to sneak by turning on the TV and taking the case, they start to engage in shooting him in which the blue monster gets shot on the head and the green one accidentally dispatches Uncle Stiffy when trying to shoot Rainbow out. He then falls onto the ground after his hand was shot and bleeding. He then tries to get out of the room while harmed to eliminate him after running away from the room with the case albeit Mr. Carrot was also killed. Outside of the building, he shoots until he runs out of ammo and Rainbow finishes him off with one horn on the left being broke off. During the investigation of the dead monsters, they place them in a bag and remove them from the room.


  • Although the monsters are similar in style to the Sesame Street monsters, they are un-friendly and most likely to cause chaos on Sesame Street if they were portrayed in the show. In this case, Sesame Workshop would never feature such monsters in these acts condoned in The Fuzz.


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