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Bletch is a blue walrus who is a businessman who runs the show. He is Heidi the Hippo's boyfriend who tries to cheat on her by choosing Samantha as his mate. He has two minions, Trevor the Rat and Barry the Bulldog.


Bletch first appears in his office having sex with Samantha the Cat, but was forced to hide her when Heidi enters Bletch's office and tells him that Trevor insulted her. Bletch calms Heidi down, and then she left his office.

Bletch deals drugs with Cedric the Warthog and Louie the Dog. After they double-crossed Bletch to find out that the drugs were borax (which Dennis the Anteater became a victim when he sniffed up borax and died), he ordered his henchmen to kill Louie. Bletch, Trevor, and Barry then go after the drugs and Barry killed Cedric by stabbing him with a knife. After they collected the drugs, they encounter a giant spider and bit Barry's head off, killing him. On their way back to the theater, Bletch and Trevor encounter Mr. Big the Whale, and Trevor took him out by driving Bletch's car into his mouth and exit out of his anus.

After that, Bletch dumps Heidi. Angry and heartbroken, Heidi goes on a rampage by killing everybody (except for Lucille the Poodle, Robert the Hedgehog, Arthur the Worm, Sid the Elephant, and Sebastian the Fox) with a machine gun. After Heidi kills Trevor, she sticks the gun in Bletch's mouth and shoots him after he dumps her.