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Blade is the Leader of the Marionette Warriors and considered the most popular puppet among fans, and is the only puppet along with Pinhead and Jester to appear in all of the Puppet Master movies to date.


He is 1'9", weighs 4 lbs, and bears a gothic-styled appearance.

He has a gaunt pale face with seemingly empty black eye sockets and long white hair and wears a black trench coat and wide-brimmed hat.

According to David Schmoeller (director of the first film), Blade is based on one of his favorite actors, Klaus Kinski.


During 1941 in Berlin, Germany, shortly before Blade had even been built, there was a German surgeon named Dr. Hess who was hired by the Nazis to create a drug to inject into dead soldiers so that they could raise from the dead and be put back into the battlefield. During this time Andre Toulon would put on satirical puppet performances involving Six-Shooter intimidating an Adolf Hitler puppet. A Nazi Lt. Eric Stein was unhappy with these shows so he spied on Toulon's workshop and after learning that his puppets were alive he took photos of them moving around on their own. He handed it into Major Kraus who ordered Toulon to be arrested for mocking Hitler and to reveal the secrets to his magic so it can be used in their reanimation project.

The Nazis stormed his house and arrested him, they also stole his magic and two of his puppets. Kraus then shot and killed his wife Elsa for trying to stop them from stealing the magic. The puppets helped Toulon escape from their clutches and he became a figurative and took the puppets to a bombed out building to hide in. During this time he began to plot revenge on each of the Nazis that were responsible for Elsa's death and took the puppets one by one to the location that they were at so that the puppets could kill them. During this time Hess was having a difficult time using the elixir that was stolen from Toulon and using it in his own project for the Nazis so he decided to betray them and try and track down Toulon so that he could work with him instead. Toulon began to carve a new puppet that resembled Kraus, he made this puppet to mock him and show him what a small man he was.

He gave the puppet a skull face and a knife for a hand to represent murder and death which is what Kraus's role was all about. At the hideout there were two other fugitives Mr. Hertz and his son Peter who were also hiding from the Nazis. Toulon used the help of Peter to sneak back to his old house and get him supplies for fixing up the puppets. While looking for the parts Peter was caught by Hess who lead him to where Toulon was hiding. Hess informed Toulon that he had betrayed the Nazis and would help him escape, he also asked him how the magic worked. Toulon explained to him that all of his puppets use to be humans and were all given a second chance. Toulon showed the finished result of the puppet that looked like Kraus and he thought that it looked exactly like him. When the other Nazis stormed the hideout, the puppets fought them while Toulon escaped. Hess was stabbed to death by one of the Nazis and before he died he told Toulon that the world needs people like him.

Toulon honored Hess by placing his soul into the Kraus puppet and named it Blade as a tribute to the puppet he use to have in Paris. Toulon stole a Nazi's uniform and wore it to be able to get access to the Gestapo Headquarters where Kraus was working alone. He took Blade and the puppets there where he exacted his revenge. Blade used his knife to cut Kraus's shin and hand and then came face to face with him. Kraus couldn't believe how much the puppet looked like him and it started to scare him. The puppets then helped Toulon by putting hooks into Kraus's body and stringing him up like a puppet, before dropping him down on a halberd axe. Toulon then took the puppets on a train to Switzerland to escape.

Blade appeared briefly in the 1941 wrap around segments (although wrongly titled 1944 in the movie). Blade finds a severed Cyclops puppet head in the trunk while he is with Andre Toulon hiding out in Switzerland after the events of the third movie. This prompts Toulon to tell the story of how he discovered the magic and met his wife Elsa. He also explained how he made his original puppets, one of them being Retro-Blade, a puppet that Toulon would later design Blade after.

Shortly after Toulon's suicide in the Bodega Bay Inn, Danny Coogan a disabled carpenter had inherited the puppets from him. After taking the puppets home he discovered the elixir and decided to test it out by injecting it into them and bring them to life. Danny quickly learnt that one of the Nazis that tried to kill Toulon was working as a spy at a weapons factory his girlfriend Beth was working at. Danny tried to tell her but she didn't believe him so he took Pinhead and Blade and followed the Nazi to his secret hideout in Chinatown. Blade stabbed and wounded one of the Nazis while Pinhead managed to sneak in and rip a piece of paper from the desk. Danny read the paper and discovered that the Nazis were working with a Ozu, a Japanese saboteur who were planning to blow up the factory that Beth was working at. The Nazis caught Danny spying on them but he managed to get away.

When he got home he cleaned the blood from Blade's knife and immediately showed the plan to Beth who now started to believe him. He introduced her to the puppets and she was shocked that they could move by their self. Later that day Danny took the puppets back to the Nazi's secret hideout to take a few pictures to hand into the army. While he was there the Nazis tracked down his address and killed his mother and brother and kidnapped Beth and took her back to their hideout as a hostage. Danny took the puppets to the hideout and unleashed them on the Nazis and Japanese saboteurs. After most of the Nazis were dead Blade stole the bomb that was intended for the factory and put his knife on the button so if Ozu or the remaining Nazi, Max got close he would flip the switch and kill them all. Ninja, the newest puppet that Danny had put the soul of his brother in then ambushed and killed Max. After this Ozu escaped and stole Tunneler inside of a sack and Danny untied Beth and took the puppets back to his house to decide what he would do next.

Blade chased after Ozu but he witnessed her getting shot by another group of Nazis lead by Commandant Heinrich Moebius that were also hiding out in Chinatown who then stole Tunneler from her. The Nazis would later use Tunneler's serum to make their own evil puppets. Blade then traveled to Danny's house and knocked on his window with his hook and tried to tell him about the other Nazis using his hook and knife hand to replicate the Sig Heil hand gesture. A few days later Danny had received the medal of bravery for killing the Nazi spies. During the ceremony the Nazi's puppets attacked and killed an American general. The puppets fought the Nazi puppets briefly before they retreated. Danny and the puppets used the help of an American soldier Sgt. Stone to track down the location of the Nazis and they took Pinhead and Blade with them as they set out into Chinatown to search every building and every alley way. At one point they both noticed people speaking in German language coming out of a building and Bombshell, one of the Nazi puppets stepped out and shot Pinhead several times.

Danny, Stone and the puppets escaped back to his house to come up with a plan to infiltrate their hideout. Danny revived Six-Shooter and returned back to the hideout to rescue Tunneler. While at the hideout there were two guards waiting by the entrance, Stone knocked one of them out and Blade stabbed the other one in the head which allowed Leech Woman to kill him by filling his mouth with leeches. Inside the hideout the puppets fought the Nazi's puppets and Stone was killed in the process. During the fight Blade attacked Weremacht with his knife, but he was not strong enough and ended up getting knocked down. Towards the end of the fight all of the Nazi puppets escaped out of the building, apart from Kamikaze. Blade then stabbed Moebius through the back of his neck which seriously injured him before Kamikaze pressed a switch that was attached to dynamite on his back which caused the building to explode. Danny escaped unharmed with the puppets and took them back to his house to celebrate Tunneler's rescue and plan a mission to track down the remaining three Nazi puppets and destroy them before they cause anymore harm.

In 1944-45, Ivan has moved to Russia to study brain research and he leaves the puppets with Elisa. During this time Elisa begins to have vivid nightmares abut Elsa's death and Major Kraus. She soon realizes this is psychic memories that she is picking up from Blade and she also has vivid visions of Blade in distress, explosions and an evil doctor and she knows these are events which will transpire. Blade is the only one of the puppets that can make slight movements, despite having virtually no elixir left in his body and he spends his time either hiding behind the trunk like a guardian or observing Elisa as she bathes. Elisa notices Blade is different from the other puppets and he is able to feed off of her psychic energy and she also sees that his knife is dull and she sharpens it up but cuts herself by mistake, which causes her to bleed and this creates a blood bond between the two and she also uses her psychic powers to look inside of Blade and possibly discover who he was in his human life. Meanwhile Dr. Hauser, a Nazi doctor that was a former colleague of Hess, is continuing the Deathcorp Project at a hideout in California and is performing experiments on innocent victims. His project is funded by an American district attorney, James D. Madison, who has betrayed America and had sided with the Nazis. Madison also has top secret files from the government which have scans of the Scroll of Osiris, as well as photos and information about Toulon's puppets.

Blade manages to have enough energy to sneak out into the night to participate in his own solo Nazi hunting and he hides out at a factory under a sheet and Officer Bruce, a corrupt American police officer is also there and stealing supplies for the Nazis. Bruce hears Blade's footsteps and discovers him under the sheet and calls him Pinnochio before hitting him across the room with his baton. Bruce picks up Blade to hit him again but Blade uses his eye spikes to impale Bruce's hand, which causes him to smack Blade against a wall, which only causes the spikes to go in further. Blade manages to break free and musters enough strength to impales Bruce's ankle with his hook and drag him across the room and then finishes him off by sawing his head off violently with his knife. During this time Elisa is at home dreaming of these events as they play out and she feels a jolt of power every time Blade's knife is used, which reveals a psychic link between the two. Later on Gloria Vasquez, a Spanish nationalist spy and her henchman break into Elisa's apartment and tare the place apart looking for Blade and the the scroll of Osiris. They manage to find the scroll hidden behind a painting and then she uses a special chemical to put press photographer Barney Barnes to sleep and take him back to be experimented on by Hauser. During this time Blade was observing the events from a closet, before moving to the window where he had hung on by the tip of his hook, he then jumped down many stories and landed on the ground without any sign of injury and followed Gloria to Hauser's secret hideout. Meanwhile Madison used a smoke bomb at the Daily Herald to knock Elisa and detective Joe Gray unconcious and also take them back to the hideout and Blade was already there and hiding behind a shelf. Joe is chained up on on the ceiling and his leg is broken with a wrench and Elisa is strapped to a torture device and repeatedly electrocuted and asked to hand over the translation of the scroll of Osiris, as Hauser was unable to do it himself as he didn't understand Russian, Greek and Egyptian symbols, he also reveals that he plans to uses a giant Death Ray on the roof to shoot out a signal which will kill half the population of California and then revive them as murderous zombies that will follow orders from the Nazi regime.

Elisa refuses and is continued to be electrocuted with the torture device but she uses her psychic bio-energy to shut the machine down. After this Blade cuts Joe down from his chain and systematically goes on a killing spree across the hideout and he begins by putting his hook into the mouth of one of the henchman and cutting him in the back of the head and slitting his throat. He then is fired at by Lang's gun but each bullet misses and Blade finishes him off with a few stabs to the throat. Hauser then uses his machine to transform Barney into a zombie slave to go after Blade, but he attacks Gloria instead, biting her and leaving her for dead and then Blade stabs her in the throat before putting Barney out his misery by cutting his leg and then sticking his knife through the back of his head and out the front of his mouth. Blade then kills the Nazi that is operating the torture machine by slitting his throat and then runs full speed at Hauser. Hauser manages to grab Blade with his mechanical hand and then puts him into a scorching hot furnace. Elisa is stunned on the floor as she is experiencing Blade's pain and then Hauser wants to prove that the puppets can be destroyed, despite them being magical, by hitting Blade over and over with a sledgehammer. Elisa is also feels every strike of pain through her strong psychic connection with Blade and Hauser eventually smashes Blade's head to pieces, which causes his entire body to combust into ash. Hauser is proud to have defeated Blade but also dissapointed he couldn't keep the knife as a souvenir and then Hauser accidentally breathes in the bio-energy that emits from Blade's corpse, which causes Blade to be fully reborn within Hauser's belly and he kills Hauser by chopping his way out. For a few moments Blade's facial form has changed to display his eyes in an evil frown but after putting his hat on, the face changes back to his regular face and all of Hauser's blood mysterious vanishes. This attack on Hauser was unfinished business between Blade in his human life and his former colleague. After Hauser died, his 'dead-man's switch' on his mechanical hand had been set off which meant that the Death Ray was going to shoot out its signal, so Joe hands Blade a wrench and he climbs inside of the machine and breaks the inside. This causes the ray and the hideout to explode and Blade, Elisa and Joe manage to escape unharmed. After this Elisa prints a story about a killer puppet foiling a Nazi death plot in her newspaper article and because the Daily Herlad is known for printing fictitious tabloid headlines then it isn't believed by the public. After this Joe uses Blade to climb through the vent in Madison's office and unlock the door. When Madison arrives he is ambushed by Blade and he is killed by having his throat slit and so that his corpse would look like he he had commuted suicide. After this Joe sets out with Blade on a mission to track down more double crossing Americans that are assisting the Nazis.

After escaping from Switzerland, Andre Toulon arrived in America at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel in California. Toulon used this hotel to hide from the Nazis and even cut a hole in the wall and made a secret hiding place for him to put his puppets in emergencies. Blade is first seen wandering around the grounds of the hotel humming to himself and being startled by a dog barking at him. He spotted a car pull up and two Nazis walked out which caused him to panic and run to Toulon's room to warn him. Blade tried to stay out of sight of people at the hotel and was temporarily knocked out by a door closing on his head. When he revived he was spotted by an elderly lady who screamed in fear at him. He then knocked on Toulon's door with his hook to warn him about the Nazis that were coming up the stairs.

Toulon then assured Blade that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to him and hid all of the puppets in the secret hiding place. Blade let out a moan of sadness as he was being locked away into the wall then Toulon proceeded to shoot himself in the head so that the Nazis couldn't steal the information from him. Many years later in the late 1980's, a group of psychics worked together and tried to trace down the location of Toulon's puppets with their mind powers but they gave up as the task was too difficult for them. However Neil Gallagher, the leader of the group didn't give up, he traced Toulon to the Bodega Bay Inn and there he tricked Megan, the owner of the hotel into falling in love with him and marrying him so he could get access to the hotel and search for the puppets.

When he finally discovered where they were he bought them to life and gained their trust. He then invited his former colleagues to the hotel and gave the puppets instructions to kill them all and then he killed himself but first told the puppets to revive him with the elixir after they were all dead. He did this so that the other psychics couldn't pick up on the fact that he had discovered the secret with their mind powers as he didn't want to share it with them. Blade hid in Alex Whitaker, one of the psychic's hotel room to spy on him. He then used his hook to drag a chair up to keyholes of the doors of the other hotel rooms to spy on the psychics inside through it. In one of the rooms he spotted two of the psychics Carlissa Stamford and Frank Forrester conducting a sexual experiment.

Blade laughed and alerted Tunneler to watch with him. The puppets then embarked on a killing spree and began murdering all the people in the hotel just as Neil commanded them too. Blade chased the psychic Dana Hadley into an elevator but she closed the door on his hook just before he could get to her. He then climbed down the elevator shaft and slit her throat. Dana had a premonition of getting killed by a knife a few days before she arrived at the hotel. After all of the people in the hotel were dead apart from Alex and Megan, the puppets revived Neil who confronted them and told them the truth of what he had done. He threw Jester across the room which caused his head to become distorted then he explained how he was bored of experimenting with puppets and wanted to use the dead psychics as new test subjects.

Blade was watching from the doorway and raised his knife in anger towards Neil. The other puppets were also furious after learning the truth and after seeing what he had done to Jester. The puppets then tortured Neil to death slowly in an elevator in revenge. Blade cut his fingers off when he tried to escape then detached his knife from his arm and used it to impale his hand to the floor so he could not move. He then forced Neil's mouth wide open with his hook and allowed Leech Woman to spit a giant leech in his mouth. Tunneler and Pinhead also joined in torturing him. It is unknown what happened to the puppets after Neil was finally killed. It is possible Megan became their new master or she sold them at an auction. The Action Lab Comics touch on it very slightly.

Many years after the events of the first Puppet Master movie, the puppets were bought at an auction by Dr. Magrew, a sideshow exhibitor in California. Magrew kept the puppets in cages and used them in performances on his ranch, in one of them he would put Blade on display for people to come up and see him move around on his own. One night Joey Carp, the leader of the local gang of bullies broke into Magrew's daughter's bedroom and attempted to rape her but Pinhead protected her by jumping on him and gripping his hands around his neck. Joey managed to pull Pinhead off and threw him onto the floor where he proceeded to stomp on him which knocked him out and damaged his leg and broke his hand off. After this Joey got in his car and drove back to his house. Magrew took Blade and Tunneler out of their cages and followed Joey to his home.

Magrew broke into Joey's house and released Blade and Tunneler into the hall where they walked towards a window and looked out to see Joey working out on a bench. Blade accidentally knocked down an ornament which caused Joey to investigate, but the puppets hid and he didn't find them so he went back to working out. Tunneler then drilled him in his crotch while Blade stabbed him in the face repeatedly, killing him. When the local police found Joey's mutilated body they decided to raid Magrew's house to arrest him under suspicion of murder as a witness claimed Joey was heading to Magrew's house the day before he died. Magrew ordered the puppets to kill them. Blade chased after the sheriff and jumped on his face and with the help of Jester fatally stabbed him. While this was going on Six-Shooter, Pinhead and Tunneler killed the deputy.

Later that night Magrew then attempted to turn his second assistant into a puppet with hope that it will not fail that time. After successfully doing it the puppets disapproved of Magrew's method of transferring a living person's soul into a puppet and they turned on him. Blade started to intimidate Magrew with his knife, but he picked up a hammer and tried to defend himself. Blade then cut his leg knocking him down and cut his face many times while he screamed for mercy. Blade got covered in Magrew's blood while Pinhead, Tunneler and the newest puppet Tank finished him off. It is unknown how the puppets got away from that area after this but they would end up at the Bodega Bay Inn.

During this time the puppets had no master and were extremely low on their elixir so they returned to the Bodega Bay Inn and used the last of it to revive Andre Toulon from the dead. The puppets were forced to kill Megan Gallagher and Blade extracted her brains out through her nose with his hook so that it could be used in the elixir to repair Toulon's rotted brain. When Toulon returned from the dead however he had turned insane and pure evil. During this time a team of parapsychologists were staying at the hotel to investigate. Toulon sent the puppets out on killing sprees in the night to gather brain matter to be used in the elixir. At first the puppets would kill pigs and mules at the local farm, but Toulon insisted that only human brains would work so he sent Blade, Leech Woman and his newest puppet Torch back to the farm but this time to kill the people who owned it.

Blade cut the electric fence around the farm with his knife, and then broke open the window to the cabin. Blade hid behind furniture while Leech Woman killed the male farmer, but his wife caught her doing it and picked her up and killed her by throwing her into a furnace. Blade then stabbed the woman in the back of her leg, she aimed her shotgun at him but Torch arrived and rescued him by setting her on fire. Blade then stabbed her burnt corpse in the head and took out her brains. Blade took it back to Toulon who told him that it could not be used because it was too burnt. He then asked Blade where Leech Woman was and he responded by swiping his knife across his neck indicating that she was dead. Toulon began teaching the puppets how to prepare the elixir and Blade and Pinhead began doing it alone without his assistance which made him very proud.

Toulon started to remember about a trip to Egypt he went on with Elsa in 1912. During that trip he would put on a puppet performance for an unprivileged part of the village and had a puppet named Mephistopheles that had a head that looked exactly like Blade's but with devil horns. A few days later Blade and Pinhead attempted to murder Camille Kenney, the psychic woman that was staying there in her room but she screamed and ran out and warned the other parapsychologists about what she had seen. Pinhead and Jester would later kill her on another night. A few nights later Blade cut the power to the bedroom of two of the team members Lance and Wanda and hid in the bathroom of their hotel room. Blade then slit lance's throat and began extracting his brains out while he was still alive and suffering, Wanda then spotted him and screamed, but he jumped off the bed and ran at her cutting her face to pieces.

Blade then took both of their brain matter back to the laboratory and prepared more of the elixir with Pinhead. Toulon began to become obsessed with Carolyn Bramwell, one of the members of the team staying in the hotel and he began to think that she was his wife Elsa reincarnated. He kidnapped her and sent the puppets out to kill her new love interest, Michael Kenney. Blade jumped off of a banister in the hallway onto him, but he managed to pull him off and held him by the wrists so he could not use his weapons on him. Michael then threw Blade down a dumbwaiter which caused him to scream as he fell. Blade then returned to the laboratory where he and the other puppets learnt that Toulon had been lying to them and was keeping all the elixir they had gathered for himself and for Carolyn who he planned to put her and his own soul into new mannequin bodies.

After successfully transporting his soul into a mannequin he then fed Carolyn a goblet of the elixir, but she spat it out all over Blade's coat which made him very angry. Blade then ran at Toulon and cut his leg open which caused it to spray elixir everywhere, the other puppets joined in attacking him and Torch finished him off by burning him. Michael broke down the door and rescued Carolyn, then Jester extracted the soul out of the corpse of Camille and put it into the female mannequin and she came to life and immediately turned evil and renamed herself Miss. Camille. She then took the puppets and put them into a cage and put it into her van and took them onto a road trip to a mental institute to cause mayhem. This was never followed up on in any of the movies but it was in the Action Lab Comics.

The Bodega Bay Inn was under new ownership and on an off season. A boy scientist Rick Myers was staying at the hotel as a caretaker while he worked on his artificial intelligence project. Rick started to find an inanimate Blade around the hotel in different rooms and he didn't understand how the puppet kept showing up in different places. Rick invited his girlfriend Susie to stay with him but she took her two friends with her, Lauren and Cameron. Lauren was a psychic and when she picked up Blade her senses were able to lead the others to a storage room with the puppet trunk with her mind. Rick broke open the lock and took out the puppets. He had read Andre Toulon's diary about the puppets coming to life and decided to inject the puppets with the elixir to see if it was true. Rick woke all the puppets up one by one and was able to quickly gain their trust and that night a strange delivery man took a package to the hotel.

Inside was a Totem demon sent by Sutekh to kill everybody in the hotel for discovering the secret. Cameron and Lauren also unleashed two more of these demons by holding a seance. Blade was contacted by the spirit of Andre Toulon that was roaming around in the hotel. Blade followed Rick around the hotel to protect him from the demons. The puppets then came face to face with the demons and fought them and Cameron was killed in the process. Blade was ambushed by one of them in the pantry but was rescued by Pinhead and Tunneler. Another one of the demons had a duel with Blade, but was much stronger than him and slapped him multiple times and threw him across a room. Jester and Pinhead lead Rick to a hidden box under a shelf, inside was Decapitron, an unfinished puppet that Toulon had been working on. The puppets worked together to transport Toulon's ghost into Decapitron. Afterward he killed the final demon with his powerful electric attack.

The next day Rick was arrested for suspicion of murdering Cameron and the police took Blade as evidence. The police examined Blade and found a mechanical system inside his body and saw that he head weapons attached to his hands and assumed it was a robot programmed by Rick to murder people. Rick was quickly bailed out by the owner of the company he worked for Dr. Jennings. Blade then escaped out of the police evidence vault and hid in Rick's bag. After Rick told Jennings about the living puppets, Jennings secretly formed a group of three thugs to break into the hotel and steal one of the puppets so he could use it in his robotics company and get rich. The puppets hid out of sight from the men. At Rick's house Blade escaped from the bag and woke him up. Rick decided to go back to the hotel and gather the other puppets, so he called a taxi to the hotel and hid Blade under his coat so nobody would see him. Blade poked Rick in the stomach with his hook as he did not like being hidden under a coat.

Sutekh had also arrived at the hotel in the form of a powerful Totem. Rick arrived at the hotel just as the Totem was killing all of Jenning's thugs. Blade reunited with the other puppets and began tracking down the Totem. Pinhead was almost killed by it but Blade pulled it off of him with his hook and then stabbed it through its stomach, it then escaped by summoning a portal and jumping into it. Susie arrived at the hotel to look for Rick. During this point the hotel had turned into a big battle ground. The puppets and the Totem were fighting in the main lobby, the puppets were being lead by Decapitron, who spoke to them from beyond the grave, giving them tips on how to defeat the Totem. Blade had stabbed the Totem which knocked it down, then Jester warned him that the Totem was getting back up again. The Totem blasted Blade with its magical beam, then Decapitron used all of his energy to kill the Totem which caused the entire lobby to explode. Pieces of the roof landed on Blade and crushed him, he was also partially set on fire. All of the puppets were damaged too in the destruction but were taken back to Rick's house to be repaired.


Eternity Comics[]

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Action Lab Comics[]

Halloween 1988[]

One year before the main 1989 events of the first Puppet Master movie, Neil Gallagher had recently uncovered the hiding place of the puppets at the Bodega Bay Inn. On Halloween Neil took the puppets to Pi Kappa Sig sorority house where he commanded the puppets to kill the college girls that were staying there so that he could see how effective each puppet was and also use the girl's corpses as new human test subjects so that he could perfect the elixir to work on humans. The puppets then followed Neil's orders and started to kill all of the girls there one by one.

Blade ambushed one of the girls named Vee by sneaking up behind her in her bedroom while Neil was talking to her. Blade jumped up at her face and cut the side of her mouth, then he stabbed both of her eyes with his hook and cut her nose off. After the puppets killed all of the girls, Neil was angry at how they carried out the murders and because all of the bodies were too badly mutilated, he couldn't use them for his experiments so he told the puppets that they would have to do it again another day.

Halloween 1989[]

A few months after the main events of the first Puppet Master movie, Megan Gallagher had taken over as the puppet's new master and she let them roam free around the hotel and act as guards for her. During Halloween a teenage boy had broke into the hotel dressed as a demon to play a prank on her. The puppets attacked him and Blade killed him as they thought he was a real monster coming in to kill Megan. Then the puppets unmasked him and realized it was just a boy, so they dragged his body down into a cavern below the hotel to hide it. In the cavern were four of the boy's friends who witnessed the puppets dragging his corpse, so the puppets were forced to kill them too. The next morning Megan woke up and had no idea about what hat happened.


Blade's main weapons are a sharp hook in place of his left hand and a razor sharp blade in place of the right. He's been shown to be able to detach them at will; In the first film he used his blade to pin Neil Gallagher's hand to the floor then he slid the knife off his arm. In Axis Termination he replaced his hook for a small syringe attachment.


  • Although Blade was designed after Major Krauss, A puppet named Mephisto had a face that looked exactly like Blade's. This might be an error in continuity or a mere coincidence.
  • The Blade puppet was also designed after David Schmoeller's favorite actor Klaus Kinski.
  • Blade is the only character whose suit does not change from film to film.
  • Blade's vocal effects were done by Bert Rosario.
  • The Blade Action figure from Full Moon Toys includes a hatchet as an accessory. However Blade never used a hatchet as a weapon in any of the films. The toy has red eyes that light up except for a limited edition version that has pop–out eyes like the movies.
  • The Final Chapter marked the last time David W. Allen would work on the special effects for the Puppet Master series. Subsequent follow–ups feature a combination of rod and string puppets, save for Curse of the Puppet Master, which relies heavily on stock footage for action sequences.
  • Blade was created by André Toulon and designed after Gestapo Major Krauss. He has the soul of Dr. Hess, a German scientist and medical doctor.
  • Blade was used for evil under puppet masters Neil Gallagher, Andre Toulon (in Puppet Master II) and Dr. Magrew, all three of whom he later turned against.
  • He was used for good under Andre Toulon, Danny Coogan, Rick Meyers, Peter Hertz A.K.A. Eric Weiss, and Robert Toulon whom he each served loyally. Blade has a sharp hook for his left hand and a knife for his right hand.
  • He sometimes has spike-shaped "bullet eyes" that pop out of his sockets from time to time. Blade's most common companion is Pinhead in films I-V and Curse of The Puppet Master. Blade also appears in Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation.