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Black Slime Monsters

Black Slime Monsters are large and violent supernatural beasts composed entirely out of the Black Slime and they are enemies in Ghostbusters: The Video Game.


These power brokers hailed from and dominated their respective industries in the late 1800s through the mid 1900s. Shandor used his dark abilities to help each of them in some stage of their careers, and they were indebted to him. They came together publicly as trustees of the Natural History Museum, and privately misused their influence to help Shandor implement and maintain his Mandala throughout the city. When they died, they returned as guardians to the Mandala. Their closeness to Shandor's evil regenerated them as entities made of Black Slime.

Contact Protocol[]

Black Slime Monsters are large, violent creatures with a wide arsenal of attacks. Ironically, their size makes them both dangerous and vulnerable to attack. The best course of action against these brutes is to lure them to a wide-open area and blast away with your slime blower . The lumbering beasts compensate for their low top-speed with a projectile attack, but can still be susceptible to your slime blower from a distance. Keep it simple with the Black Slime Monsters; shower them with slime as you backpedal away and they'll fall every time.