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Category: Class 6 Inorganic Physical ConglomerateAbilities: Melee Attack, Stone Throw, Stoneskin

Tobin's Summary:

I've come to call a certain phenomenon the "conglomeration effect." This is when several smaller, seemingly mindless animated entities come together and generate a collective intelligence and form a larger body composed of the smaller parts working in tandem. Most of these conglomerates have focal points that act as a central nervous system as well as a weak point. I feel that if one were to disrupt these points, the being would be forced to disperse.

Egon's Notes:

Not only do conglomerate entities use the energy from possessed physical objects to cobble together a body, but they can form simulacra from the solid residue of ectoplasm itself! Under the right (or wrong) circumstances this could potentially result in an autocatalyzing system with a geometric growth rate.

Ray's Tips:

These guys are tough! Most equipment won't do much to their stony form. Use the Stasis Beam to pin them down, then launch a few Boson Darts to expose their weak points. Wrangle and slam those loose to make these walls fall.


A Black Slime Elemental first appears at the end of Museum of (Super)Natural History Level just before the battle with the Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton.

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