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Black Cuervo- Zo Aves.png

Black Cuervo is one of the recurring antagonist from the cartoon series El Tigre on Nickelodeon.


Black Cuervo is the youngest daughter of a family of supervillains. Manny is picking the right cardboard for Frida's piñata, when he spots a police chase outside. Black Cuervo is on the run, and wrecking havoc at the same time. Seeing Mrs. Chichita nearby (who is oblivious to what's going on), he transforms into El Tigre and saves her. He then goes to confront Black Cuervo, and is surprised to see that she is a girl. He then takes off after her, and the two land on a building. When she first met El Tigre, she tricked him into wreaking havoc on Miracle City with her. She was scolded by her family when she developed a crush on El Tigre. Her real name is Zoe Aves, whose bullied Frida for years.