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Eileen, also known as "The Birthday Girl", is a villainess in WordGirl.

She is voiced by Pamela Adlon.


The Birthday Girl is a stereotypical spoiled rich kid who believes that everyday is her birthday. Because of this, she believes that she could have special treatment. Sometimes, this belief would win a few people over, and they would then do whatever she said. Or, she would often put on the cute act. Whenever that tactic didn't work, and she is denied whatever she wanted, she would say that the object is hers and would shout out "Mine, MINE, MINE!" When she says this, she grows to gargantuos size, and turns green (ala The Incredible Hulk), and this would often make the person who owned the possession to give it up in fear. However, her growing ability could be reversed whenever someone tricked her into being generous. This weakness was learned by Violet, her morality pet. It has been shown that Eileen greatly irks Becky Botsford/WordGirl by incorrectly pronouncing words. For example, "I wearned my wesson" instead of "I learned my lesson." And, in one episode, she tried to make Violet her best friend.


The Birthday Girl lives in the haunted part of The Fair City in a house painted shiny pink and is 10 years old. She is from planet Earth, what makes her way more greedy than she is is that she would like to be the most powerful villain ever. Violet Heaslip is her best friend ever. Eileen is not Violet's best friend ever. Violet said that so Eileen would release Bob/Captain Huggy Face. Eileen has powerful muscles when she is bigger and can take giant footsteps. She also can grow up 50 feet taller than Tobey's Robots! She also has special clothe on her that grow with her. Eileen, The Birthday Girl's secret identity was in episodes before The Birthday Girl episode but never spoke. She always seemed like a citizen. The Birthday Girl talks like a baby. If she doesn't get what she wants, she will say "mine Mine MINE!" and goes around the town destroying the it so that the owner will give her the thing she wants. She doesn't go to jail in many episodes. When she walks as a giant, she obviously shakes buildings.


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