Birdie McQuack

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Birdie McQuack is the mother of Launchpad McQuack. She, her husband, and daughter make up a team of stunt-pilots called the "Flying McQuacks". It appears they make their living traveling to different air shows, preforming stunts. She made her first (and so far only) appearance in DuckTaleswhen the "The Flying McQuacks" are coming to Duckburg for an air show, where Launchpad is flying an experimental jet.

So far, Birdie's only appearance was in the DuckTales episode "Top Duck", where she and the rest of the McQuack family save Scrooge McDuck's money bin from the Beagle Boys.

Launchpad briefly mentioned his mother in DuckTales Remastered. When he accidentally drops his fuel regulator, he says: "Uh, my mom always said I was a butterfingers!"

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