Billy the Apple is a character from the 1926 comic strip book by Schulz called Billy the Apple since 1926. He first appears in first comic strip, "The Apple".

Billy the Apple

He first appeared in the 1954 TV special and he first voiced by Paul Soles, then cereal 1981 commercial Billy the Apple cereal and he voiced by Daws Butler and in 1987 TV show and he voiced by Billy West. He then appeared in 2010 TV series and he voiced by Robert Tinkler (in US) and Kerry Shale (in UK). His pet cat Bea the Cat and his pet bird Brittney the Bird and he live in the Apple house with his pets. He has his friends Buzz the Bee (lives in the beehive), and Bob the Frozen Yogurt (lives in the ice cream store) and his favorite leader friend sailor duck named Bo the Sailor.

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