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Billy's Tricicle is the vehicle used by Billy (aka the Jigsaw Puppet). It's a red coloured, threewheeled bicycle on wich Billy can take seat and drive around with. It is first seen in Saw as Amanda Young completes her test, Billy rides on it into the room and tells her: "Congratulations, you're still alive. Most people are so ungratefull to be alive, but not you, not any more."

In Saw II, when the SWAT team enter Jigsaw's hideout and they step on the triggered step on the stairs, Billy rides in their view and distracts them for a second so the SWAT officer would activate the second trigger under the step that would activate on its time the hidden trap.

In Saw III represents Dylan Denlon's bike in Jeff's test. It lies on the ground with Billy beneath it, in the same position Dylan lied after he was hit by Timothy Young.

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