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billie227 is the username of the unseen main antagonist of the 2015 horror film, Unfriended.


Unfriended is a film about a group of friends simply talking on Skype, and are haunted and tortured by an unseen entity that seems to have hacked into their skype call and causes them to commit suicide one by one until one of them confesses to posting a demeaning video of a high school student, which had resulted in her suicide.The trailer strongly implicates that the identity of billie227 is the spirit of the girl who committed suicide in the first place, Laura Barns, as he/she hacks Laura's account and her profile picture distorts whenever Laura is mentioned. It appears that this entity is able to attack and possess people, as well as do just about anything on the internet, such as post tweets, send messages, and upload distant files onto the internet.The film seems to focus on the theme of cyberbullying, as the original title of the film was Cybernatural. However, this was changed so that they hide the obvious from viewers of the film.