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Bill the Lizard was a chimney sweeper from Wonderland who first appeared in the 1951 Disney film Alice in Wonderland. He was voiced by Larry Grey in the original film, and currently by Jim Cummings.

Alice in Wonderland

He was asked by Dodo and the White Rabbit to get rid of a monster inside the White Rabbit's house which was actually Alice who had grown large because of a cookie she ate, he is forced down the chimney by the Dodo, the smoke causes Alice to sneeze sending him blasting off into the sky, what became of him after wards is unknown.

The Great Mouse Detective

Bill makes a cameo appearance as one of Ratigan's henchmen

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

At the beginning of the film when Eddie Valiant looks outside the window before Dumbo appeared, Bill can be spotted helping someone out with a ladder.

House of Mouse

Bill can be spotted in several episodes.


  • Bill makes a cameo appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Bill also appears in The Great Mouse Detective as one of Ratigan's minions. He is never called Bill in the movie, but his appearance and clothes (and Cockney accent) are identical to the that of Bill in Alice in Wonderland.

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