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Bill Koala he is Blinky Bill's father in Blinky Bill the Movie (knowned as Mr Bill)

Blinky Bill the Movie

Bill Koala appears in the movie he went back to the house his wife Betty to say goodbye and then he tell his son Blinky Bill about the sea of white dragons and hurry to get back Then at zoo the stranger tell that little guy to zip it to wake up that bird but Blinky tell him to zip him off and he wants to get back to Greenpatch the stranger hears want that little guy saying it was his father Bill Koala Blinky came to rescue him out of here with Blinky's new friends Nutsy and Jacko then they built the flyer like the kite even Jorge can come along and they ready to fly But Sir Claude arrives at the zoo he saw Blinky's father is the tail biter Bill tells him to saved him from the trap and he were died and Sir Claude tries to kill him but Blinky tries to save his dad and he kick Sir Claude off and he chased him away, But Bill, Nutsy, Jacko and Jorge on the flyer helped by two emu friends Beryl and Cheryl and his wife Betty to rescue Blinky from that crazy wild cat. after Sir Claude has being eaten by a crocodile Bill tell Betty to never leave home again. Back at Greenpatch Mayor Cranklepot tell the other animals to bow the new king, but Blinky, Bill, Betty, Nutsy, Jacko, and Jorge arrives with Splodge, Robert, and Marcia with the fruit bombs and the smashed him.

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