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Berserker (バーサーカー, lit. Bāsākā) is one of the three protagonists of the game, and the leader of the Combatribes. He's the most balanced out of the three having equal strength and speed.


Jab Combo

Jumping Knee Strike: Berserker's Signature Dash Attack. He jumps high torwards the enemy to strike down with his knee.

Lightning Blast (SNES Version Only): Berserker charges up electrical energy with his both hands and shoots it forwards towards the enemy. Depletes Health when used. This move is exclusive to the Versus mode, and is shared among the three playable characters only.


  • He's named after a tribe of Nordic warriors who entered a stage of bloodthirsty rage called "Berserk".
  • All Combatribes members' names start with the same letter: Berserker, Bullova, Blitz.
  • His outfit's color follows the theme of all Combatribes wearing one of the three primary colors. In Berserker's case, is blue.



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