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The Bensons are the former secondary antagonists of Toy Story 4. They are the henchmen of Gabby Gabby.


They are Gabby Gabby's loyal, creepy, helpful, and silent ventriloquist puppets. Their leader is distinguished by the red bow tie he wears while the others has a black one.


One of them is driving Gabby in her stroller then spots Forky and Woody. He picks Woody and Forky up and puts them in the stroller with Gabby. When Gabby reveals her intentions, the other Bensons show up and start chasing Woody but manage to take Forky.

They are later seen patrolling Gabby's shelf. They attempt to kidnap Woody a second time and Benson warns Gabby of his presence. They then lead a fight against Woody's gang during which they manage to keep Forky with them. When Woody returns and makes a deal with Gabby to get Forky back, the Bensons take Woody in to take his voice box away.

Towards the end of the movie, the first Benson is seen pushing the stroller out of the store with Woody and his friends inside. When a lady straightens the stroller, she screams in horror when she sees Benson in it. He presumably was brought back to the store if he didn't stay in the middle of the fun fair.