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Benny is TC's right-hand man. He is short, innocent, chubby, naïve and cute. His eyes are shown Benny may appear to be simple-minded, but he manages to ask the most logical questions during the gang's erratic endeavors. He is slow, not stupid. The gang relationship between Benny and TC is based on a devoted friendship between them. An example of the lengths to which Top Cat will go to help Benny is illustrated by the episode "A Visit From Mother" in which TC arranges for Benny to appear to be the Mayor of New York City. A number of episodes have focused on Benny, including "The Violin Player", "The Unscratchables" and "The Missing Heir". He also he made a cameo appearance on Kid vs. Kat in "The Kat Whisperer". Benny the Ball is modeled after his voice actor Maurice Gosfield.


Benny the Ball is a short, chubby blue cat with a kitten's tail, pointy ears with visible eardrums, a black nose, 4 whiskers - 2 on each side, peach markings at his face and muzzle, and eyes that are as black dots unlike the other cats who have white sclerae with black pupils. He wears an open white sweater that fastens with a single button at his neck.

Voice Actors

Benny was voiced by the late Maurice Gosfield, John Stephenson, the late Avery Schreiber, Maurice LaMarche, and Chris Edgerly in the English versions. In the Latin American Spanish versions, he is voiced by Jorge Arvizu and Gabriel Gama.


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