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Bellamy Blake is the deuteragonist of the CW sci-fi show The 100. He secretly went into the dropship to join his sister Octavia on Earth. He became the first leader of the 100 Delinquents on the ground before being accompanied by Clarke Griffin who became his best friend.

He is portrayed by Bob Morley.


On the Ark, it was forbidden to have more than one child, and Bellamy helped hide Octavia throughout her childhood. When she was sent to Earth, he shot Chancellor Thelonious Jaha in order to have a place in the dropship with her. Then he became the teenage rebel leader who encouraged them to take off their bracelets fearing that if the Arkers came to Earth he would be executed for shooting Jaha. His secret was revealed by Raven, a mechanic who came to the ground, and he learned from his mistakes. Bellamy then began to reform himself by sharing the status of leader with Clarke.

In season 2, he infiltrates Mount Weather as a guard to escape the 48 Delinquents imprisoned in the bunker. He gets help from Maya Vie as well as the residents who disapprove of the actions of their superiors in order to survive. In Season 3, Bellamy blindly joins the faction of new Chancellor Charles Pike who aims to wipe out all the Grounders. He eventually sided with his friends to help defeat A.L.I.E. but her relationship with Octavia becomes strained. In Season 4, Bellamy helps establish peace between Skaikru and the other Grounder nations. Before Praimfaya, he will return to space to live there for 6 years alongside Raven, Echo, Murphy, Monty, Emori and Harper.

After 6 years, Bellamy returns to the ground with Spacekru and tries to make a peace pact between Wonkru, the survivors of the bunker and the newcomers the Eligius Prisoners. He is also shocked to see that it is Octavia who ruthlessly leads the clan and that he does not trust her for a pacifist solution. Indeed, a fight finally breaks out between the two camps, a fight in which Bellamy participates. With all the others, he returns to space while waiting for the Earth to become habitable again.