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Beethoven is the main character in the Beethoven film series. He is a St Bernard dog named after the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He weighs approximately 185 pounds. In the credits for the first film, he is credited as being played by a dog named Chris. However, in the second film's credits, he is credited simply as "Beethoven". As of Beethoven's 2nd, Beethoven has a girlfriend called Missy and is father to four puppies named Chubby, Dolly, Tchaikovsky and Mohawk (known simply as "Mo" in the film).


At the beginning of the first film, Beethoven is a puppy who is stolen from a pet shop by two thieves named Harvey and Vernon, who work for the nefarious Dr Varnick, the film's main antagonist. With the help of a Jack Russell Terrier (later named Sparky by the Newtons), Beethoven manages to escape from Harvey and Vernon's van, but is then left to fend for himself after the terrier runs off, chased by Vernon. The next morning Beethoven wanders into the Newton household and his story unfolds from there.

Family and friends

Even after Beethoven grows into an adult dog, he is shown to still be friends with the Jack Russell Terrier who helped him escape from Vernon and Harvey as a puppy. He brings him food, as he is apparently living on the street and helping a hobo gather tin cans for unexplained reasons. When Vernon grabs the terrier by the scruff of his neck during the film's climax, Beethoven breaks out of his cage and chases Vernon, causing him to drop the terrier, showing that he is protective of his old friend.

In Beethoven's 2nd, Beethoven meets Missy and is instantly smitten with her, as is she with him. The two eventually start a family of four puppies, of whom they are shown to be incredibly protective, particularly after the film's main antagonist Regina and her boyfriend Floyd suddenly appear in the forest and try to take the puppies away. For a "first date" of sorts, Beethoven and Missy go to the cinema, at which point Beethoven finds some popcorn and gives it to Missy. This sort of thing apparently goes on for about 10 weeks, after which Ted and Emily Newton notice that Beethoven has been sneaking out. They follow him the next time he goes out and he unknowingly leads them to the puppies in the storeroom of Regina's apartment block, where Missy has, according to the janitor, apparently been sleeping

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