"Hey kid! What are you looking at?"
  • Speaking to Aachi when they or he looks at her

Beautiful (예쁜) is one of the three main protagonists on the South Korean 2006 film Aachi & Ssipak.

She is a porn actress until becomes a love interest from Ssipak and friends with Aachi as her bodyguards.



During the film production, the character Beautiful or Pretty, was created by director Jo Beom-jin, about making a cute female character, as he likely stated "A character created with the thought of'a pretty girl who just wants to meet once."


She basically cares about her career and sometimes likes anybody but not only prevents, and weirdos.

Physical appearance

Beautiful is a pretty woman with long blue hair, blue lips, and huge blue pupils eyes, wore a necklace, white bottomless sleeve shirt, blue-purplish jeans with red belt, sandal-like heels.

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