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Beast Boy is one of the four co-protagonists (alongside Starfire, Raven and Cyborg) of Teen Titans Go!. Beast Boy has the power to assume the form of any animal and uses his powers to fight crime along with the rest of the Titans. Although his characteristics are different from the original series, he is still portrayed as a superhero keeping Jump City safe from crime. His best friend in the series is Cyborg. Beast Boy is the Teen Titans' token slacker and he is by far the most distracted and simplistic of his team-mates. He is voiced by Gregory Cipes who is also the voice of Michelangelo in TMNT (2012). He is well known for his rivalry with Shining Armor (Andrew Francis), who is frequently his nemesis and rival.


Beast Boy's main ability is the power to alter his genetic code to that that any animal assuming their form and natural abilities. This includes allowing to speak the language of whatever animal he has shape shifted into.

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