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Beast Boy (Real name: Garfield Logan) is one of the five anti-heroic protagonists (alongside Robin, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg) of Teen Titans Go!. Beast Boy has the power to assume the form of any animal and uses his powers to fight crime along with the rest of the Titans. Although his characteristics are different from the original series, he is still portrayed as a superhero keeping Jump City safe from crime. His best friend in the series is Cyborg. Beast Boy is the Teen Titans' token slacker and he is by far the most distracted and simplistic of his team-mates. He is voiced by Gregory Cipes who is also the voice of Michelangelo in TMNT (2012).


Quick with his tongue but utterly insecure, Beast Boy will do anything for a laugh. Beast Boy is the playful trickster of the group. He enjoys pulling pranks on people, but can't seems to be quite lazy, as shown in Dude Relax. He tricks the other Titans into fighting while he just goes home and drinks soda until he is caught by Robin. In episodes such as Hot Garbage, Beast Boy is shown to be messy but sees it as beauty.

Beast Boy is very friendly at times, and will work hard to help out a friend. He got a job to buy Cyborg (his best friend) a video game that he wanted in Pie Bros. He worked a number of jobs, including a chemist, Ed'lawyer, a doctor abd worker at Mother Mae-Eye's pie shop to make ends meet. He is somewhat treated as the "black sheep" of the group, and is the subject of frequent ridicule and teasing.

Although considered naive and unintelligent, Beast Boy appears to be streetwise, quick-witted and smarter than he lefts on, as he was apparently well awre of the Titans' prank on him in "Ghost Boy", and he deliberately sent them on a wild goose chase trying to save him from jumping into a volcano-although this did backfire (including Beast Boy himself).

Also, Beast Boy is a vegetarian, eating tofu as a meat-substitute. Although, he was oddly willing to eat mest in Legendary Sandwich, it could possibly have been a tofu or vegetarian version. However, in some other episodes, Beast Boy eats meat, which a vegetarian doesn't eat.

Even though Beast Boy doesn't show this side of him very due to his party like lifestyle, he can actually be quite dangerous and ruthless if he gets angry. This is shown when he savagely beat Aqualad to a pulp and him in the hospital over his jealousy of Aqualad and Raven developing feelings for each other; or when he and Starfire fought over a piñata and he defeated and injured her.

However, he can be shown to be annoying and psychopath at times such as is the episode The Art of Ninjutsu where he would constantly rub in Robin's face saying he was the better ninja. Although he had won, he still would brag about it.


Beast Boy's main ability is the power to alter his genetic code to that that any animal assuming their form and natural abilities. This includes allowing to speak the language of whatever animal he has shape shifted into.