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Bea Goldfishberg is an overly dramatic goldfish from Fish Hooks. Her best friends are Milo and Oscar. Her other friends include Shellsea, Clamantha, Koi, Finberley, and Esmargot. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Goldfishberg. To many other male fish, she is very pretty as shown when she was doing all that dating ("Doris Flores Gorgeous"). She was crowned queen of the dance ("Queen Bea").

Background Information

  • Bea in a suit

    Bea in a suit

    Bea's red hair and orange and white stripes are similar to the red hair and the orange and white striped shirt ofPhineas Flynn from a fellow Disney Channel show, Phineas and Ferb. It is unknown if this was intentional. Also, both are apparently oblivious to the fact that their respective best friends have a crush on them.
  • Bea has had many boyfriends such as Hugh Edminson, Bo Gregory, and James Sardine ("Doris Flores Gorgeous").
  • Bea has two stars on her headband (only seen when she's facing toward you).
  • Her last name is a pun on "Goldfish" and "Goldberg".
  • According to Oscar, Bea uses strawberry scented shampoo. ("Parasite Fright")
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