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The Great Barracuda (his real name fang) is the main antagonist of the Finding Nemo franchise. He is the overarching antagonist seen at the beginning of the film Finding Nemo and will be the main antagonist of finding marlin.

Finding Nemo

The barracuda is seen in the beginning of the film as it looks at Marlin and Coral. Coral sees her eggs and rushes to protect them. The moment she moves, the barracuda attacks. Marlin tries to help Coral, but the barracuda knocks Marlin unconscious and eats Coral and her eggs, except one that later becomes Nemo. when he finds out he did not eat all of the eggs, fang becomes furious. he is set to return for revenge in the sequel, finding marlin.


  • In the original storyboard of the movie, there was going to be a scene where Coral and the eggs were seen inside the barracuda's mouth, but it later changed to a deleted scene because it would have scared little kids watching the movie.
  • Despite barracudas and other fish not having vocal cords and as such not being able to produce any sounds, the Barracuda can be heard roaring as it attacks Marlin and Coral. In a similar vein to Glut the Shark from The Little Mermaid, this may have been done merely for dramatic purposes.
  • In real life, barracuda do not eat clownfish (or any other kind of fish) eggs.
  • In the 3-D rerelease, when the barracuda closes its teeth, its bottom lip is shown.
  • As revealed through the Finding Dory commentary, one of the writers for Finding Dory wanted the last shot of the sequel to be the Barracuda looking hungrily at the reef right before "The End" appears on the screen, foreshadowing that he will return in the sequel to take revenge.
  • A barracuda that resembles the Barracuda in Finding Nemo makes a cameo appearance in Toy Story 4 where it was stuffed and mounted on the wall of the antique store.