Bailey Carson Belvedere III[1] is Muffy's butler and chauffeur. He is very good at art and built many sculptures for Muffy's art show.[2] He does everything he's told, even doing a wheelie with the limo.[3] He has worked for the Crosswire family for ten years and has a room in their mansion.[4]


Bailey often gives advice to Muffy when she needs it. He admitted that he actually enjoys doing his job, despite it involving a lot of hard work for him. He also admits that it is never dull for him.[5] In his years at elementary school he was picked on, one of the bullies being a kid (now adult) named Chester.[6] He also calls Muffy, "Miss Muffy."

Physical appearance

Bailey is an anthropomorphic beige dog. He wears brown shoes, gray trousers, a white shirt with a red tie under a dark gray suit jacket.

Alternate colors


  • For his first appearance he was called James,[7] but his name changed to Bailey in the episode "Poor Muffy."
    • However, in "The Butler Did...What?", Mr. Ratburn makes a point that 'Bailey' could be his last name.
    • This refers to the show's director, Greg Bailey.
  • His room has a picture from high school, where it is revealed that he went to high school with Mr. Ratburn. They were in the high school band together in 1979-1980.[8]
  • He is miscolored in certain episodes, notably "Muffy's New Best Friend" and "The Play's the Thing."
  • He plays badminton. In "The Tardy Tumbler," Muffy says that she has a badminton match with him. In "The Case of the Girl with the Long Face," Muffy noted how he sprained his elbow playing.



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