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"Not even to save your record contract?"

  • BB asking a question to Kurtz to team up and save the worldBB is one of the main protagonists of the FreeFonix TV series.

She is voiced by Shelley Longworth.


Her worst fear is not being noticed by anyone and she dyes her hair and wears contact lenses. When she was younger, she looked pretty geeky with pink rimmed glasses and messy hair. She flies a pink b-board and uses a pink and green phone. BB, along with the rest of the band Freefonix are Sonic Warriors who can wield the power of the 13th note. BB is the singer of the group who uses her voice and microphone to fight during sonic battles, where she shoots out pink rays of kinetic energy to knock back her enemies.

Bizarro BB[]

File:BB as Lady Lux 11.png

BB in Lady Lux's body in the episode Bizarro BB