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"I can feel an invention coming on!

B. Max is a wheelchair-bound orange dog who plays the keyboard in the Raggs band.

Official Description

B. Max might be in a wheelchair but he is definitely an alpha dog. There’s no problem too big for B. Max to overcome, no puzzle too tricky to solve and nothing that’s broken that can’t be fixed, rebuilt or repaired. B. Max is a passionate inventor, problem solver and loves creating wild looking inventions in his Inventing Room. Though we never see inside his workshop, the flashing lights above the door always herald him emerging with some new gadget or creation. His inventions aren’t always high tech but they all have very distinctive names - the Oppos-ator 9000 tells you the opposite of something. The Relaxifier 500 will help you sleep. And the Lookeelikee 4000 (which is really just a mirror) will show you what you look like. B. Max is an enthusiastic participant in everything the dogs do. He’s a driving creative force in the band (but what else would you expect from a dog who’s been classically trained in music?) and plays saxophone, trumpet and guitar but is usually found thumping it out behind the keyboard. And if he’s not inventing or playing music, B. Max just loves getting out on the basketball court or dreaming about becoming a downhill speed skier.